India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption - Pune Activists Group has a facebook group for India Against Corruption - Pune in additin to the main IAC Pune website

India Against Corruption - Pune Activists Group is a platform for expressing your views and sharing knowledge on the India Against Corruption movement & also for sharing any other corruption related articles. This website keeps you updated about the activities planned in Pune for the IAC movement and also the major developments that take place all over INDIA.

India Against Corruption (IAC) movement [IAC-HQ] is organised by eminent anti-corruption fighters like Sarbajit Roy, Veeresh Malik, Shanti Bhushan etc. It's a never before movement. It's people's movement. It's your movement.

IAC Pune [India Against Corruption - Pune] is the point of contact for Puneites to support the national India Against Corruption Movement under IAC-HQ. IAC Pune was formed by eminent Puneites from all professions, classes and walks of life joined together in common burning to fight corruption in India. IAC Pune is a VOLUNTARY entity organised under Hindustan Republican Army to collectively express the national desire to eliminate corruption wherever it is found.


India Against Corruption (IAC) is the present avatar of the Hindustan Republican Association, which was founded on 3 October,1924 at Kanpur by Sachindra Nath Sanyal and other freedom fighters but was banned as a terrorist organization by the Government of British India. The people's movement (jan andolan) was revived twice after Indian Independence as a collective expression of the Indian people, fed up with the Congress Party misrule and corruption, on 17 April 1973 by Raj Narain and again on 26 February 2007 by Sarbajit Roy IAC's current National Convenor.

A well timed campaign by the organisers of the present movement supported by numerous activist organisations all working under the banner of "India Against Corruption" brought millions of protestors onto the streets in 2011 using charismatic figureheads, populist slogans and social media. The campaign fanned popular anger against widespread corruption and the illegal system requiring bribes at every level of governance to get things done where democratically elected governments are so beholden to special interests that they can no longer deliver reform.

While India Against Corruption founder and National Convenor Sarbajit Roy mobilises INDIANS for the greater cause, India Against Corruption - Pune (IAC Pune) has been continuously conducting events and other activities in support of IAC-HQ's movement since January 2011 along with IAC Mumbai.

IAC is a public national revolutionary reform movement which has been solely running all over India on the efforts of some truely dedicated Hindustan Republican Army (HRA) volunteers pan-India.

Join the mvement or support the campaigns but work actively & selflessly for the country.

Issued in public interest by IAC Mumbai official website.